Marine Science and technology

DEPARTMENT OF MARINE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY     ......unlocking marine resources potentials

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 MST Marine Laboratories

Marine Science and Technology (MST) General Meteorological Observatory is stationed in Ayetoro, a coastal town in Ondo State near the Atlantic Ocean, while other laboratories such as Chemical Oceanography Laboratory, Marine Geochemistry Laboratory and Marine Resources Laboratory are situated at the Main Campus in Akure. Several of the core oceanography courses are taught at the Marine Lab. The facilities are often used for student and faculty research projects.

The MST marine laboratories are well equipped for marine education and research. In addition to standard biological and oceanographic laboratory equipment used for teaching and research, specialized equipment includes a chemical autoanalyzer, UV-Vis double beam spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, liquid scintillation counter, laser particle analyzer, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, incubators, Ro-Tap sieve shaker, electro-balance, cabinet x-radiography, and various research grade microscopes with photographic and video capability.

Students learn to use many of these devices, which gives them enviable experience and skills.