Marine Science and technology


The B.Tech.(Marine Science& Technology)programme is designed for five academic sessions for candidates who gained admission into the University through U.M.E. However, Direct Entry candidates are expected to spend Four Academic Sessions in the programme. The first two sessions of the programme are devoted to grounding the students in basic sciences and introducing them to various aspects of Life and Earth Sciences, such as Ecology, Meteorology and Geology, which are relevant to the programme. The following two sessions will expose the students to the core courses in Marine Science and Technology including six months Industrial Experience Scheme (SIWES). There will also be a lot of opportunities to learn practical skills during the long vacation field work and during SIWES. The last year of the programme will be focused on a range of courses which are designed to provide detailed specialist knowledge of strategies for monitoring and managing the marine environment. The degree programme culminates in an original and supervised independent research project.